• Leifheit Meat and Oventhermometer

Leifheit Meat and Oventhermometer

  • Rs. 1,379.00

Key Features

  • Combined thermometer for the double measuring of temperature
  • Measures the oven temperature as well as the inside temperature of meat etc. thanks to the long stainless steel sensor
  • Meat-measuring scale with indicator of optimal cooking temperatures
  • Meat-measuring scale with indicator of optimal cooking temperatures
  • Measuring range meat from +50 up to +90°c, measuring range oven from +50 up to +300°c


This product is our new innovation; get this now!


Instead of many special thermometers from now on one measuring instrument for the exact frying and baking is enough: the combined Leifheit meat and oven thermometer. It offers two practical functions at the same time: it enables the control of the oven temperature. With its long stainless steel sensor it indicates the heart temperature of meat or steaks. Particularly practical: both scales are readable at one glance. In addition, the scale of the stainless steel sensor indicates the optimal cooking temperatures for poultry, for beef medium or for beef underdone. This way, steaks for the next barbecue will succeed. The measuring range for meat reaches from +50 up to +90°C, for oven from +50 up to +300°C. The thermometer is dishwasher-safe.

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