Leifheit Kitchen

A new recipe for success!

Take a look in your kitchen cabinets, and you are almost sure to find a Leifheit product. For over 35 years, Leifheit has been well known for its innovative products. When it comes to helping out around the kitchen, our products are known to be real problem-solvers. For example, take our roll holder Parat with its always handy aluminium foil and transparent film. At Leifheit our motto and goal is to  “always a better idea", and it shows in our innovated and diverse kitchen aids and utensils.
We emphasize practical function and high quality, which is why our products are the best at providing a helping hand in your kitchen. Choose from two newly designed product lines. The highly attractive Comfortline boasts trendy color combinations of red and white, and our elegant Pro Line line provides a modern material mix. Choose whichever fits your lifestyle and your kitchen needs best.