• Saree Hanger MAWA KH 1 Saree Hanger MAWA KH 1 Saree Hanger MAWA KH 1
    Saree Hanger MAWA KH 1

Saree Hanger MAWA KH 1

  • Rs. 216.00

Key Features

  • firm grip - mawa hangers have a non-slip coating to keep your garments from slipping off.
  • Permium mawa product- made of rolled 2.8 mm steel wire, made in germany.
  • The mawa saree hanger is ultra slim and space-saving, durable and versatile
  • Your saree will always stay on the lightweight and will not wrinkle or crease
  • Package content- one unit mawa kh saree hanger


This product is our new innovation; get this now!


Nobody likes to wear a wrinkled Saree. That is why you should hang your Saree on MAWA KH. Using the MAWA KH, your Saree will not get wrinkled. The special coating protects the fabric and prevents it from sliding off the hanger. It is made out of high quality round steel and also chrome-plated. This hanger is hanging on the same height like the hangers for top clothes, so your wardrobe always looks elegant and neat. Special benefit: The MAWA KH guarantees great overviews over your Saree and you have a space-saving effect

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